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Setting Captives Free

Setting Captives Free is a six-day counseling and deliverance Intensive set in the Northwoods Salvation Army Camp near Finlayson, MN. It is a Christ centered, biblically based approach to treatment and inner healing that includes deliverance from demons and dealing with the traumatic wound of childhood. Students are taught the concepts of spiritual warfare including the rules that operate in the unseen world of curses and agreements we have made with the Liar. Setting Captives Free  uses biblical truth to re-anchor the participants in their true identity as sons and daughters of God. It also teaches about the finished work of Christ in knowing the goodness and unfailing love and grace of God. 

The cost is minimal and many times students are able to receive a scholarship to meet the financial obligation of the Intensive. Both men and women, and young adults are eligible to participate in the six-day retreats. We also work to place the students in supportive, stabilizing environments where they can be discipled and grow stronger in the family of God. These Intensives are sponsored by True Light Church, Lost Sheep Ministries Int’l and Life Recovery, Inc.


For more information or to register for one of the Setting Captives Free Intensives please call Dave Johnson at 612-414-5575.
Rescue Radio
Rescue Radio Podcast

Hosted by Marjorie Cole, Life Recovery, with Jarry Cole, Pastor of True Light Church. Topics include: addiction, abuse, cravings, spiritual warfare, generational curses, relationships, marriage, parenting issues, setting captives free, end-times, our spiritual walk, and more.

Cravings Book
Books, Cd’s, MP3’s

Here you will find the weapons to equip you to recognize the lies and stand in the truth as you take part in the battle for your soul. We have a wide variety of cd’s, dvd’s, books and manuals that are essential in dealing with addiction, spiritual warfare, health issues and more.

SCF Bible Study
Online Bible Study

Join us Thursday nights from 6:30 to 7:30pm via Skype for our Setting Captives Free bible study. This is interactive so we will devote the first 15-20 minutes to teaching and then open things up for discussion. Join

Teaching Videos

Watch the Setting Captives Free Conference video series, along with other videos taught by Marjorie Cole, on YouTube.