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About Us

Lost Sheep Ministries Intl, Mission Statement – to seek and save the lost, the wandering, the broken, the one who has gone astray, to set the captives free and to gather them back into the fold of the Good Shepherd.

The vision for the Lost Sheep Ministries, Int. came out of an organic response by Dave Johnson, founder of the ministry, to answering his phone. His number had been posted in several social media sites and went viral. Calls from people were desperate to find help for themselves or their loved ones and friends started pouring in.

Dave was faithful to go out to find them, drive them to treatment, visit them in the jails, comfort them in the hospitals, get them into treatment, pray with them in the streets, counsel them, advocate at their court hearings, marry them, and weep with those who had to bury their loved ones. The work was endless and the laborers were few even though the need continued to grow.

The crisis was reflected the growing number of phone calls he was receiving. God told him He was using him as an “Interrupter” to stop the enemy’s plan to steal God’s sheep. He began to look for someone to help him.  Dave formed a non-profit and a board to help him strengthen and establish a more focused vision and stabilize a base of support to help more people. As Willian Booth, founder of the Salvation Army said of his rescue work among the alcoholics in England, “We formed an Army.” We are forming an army of those rescued to rescue those who still are caught in the grip of addiction and death.

The vision has not changed. It has only expanded to include doing more: four to five “Setting Captives Free Intensives” every Fall and Winter, Summer Retreats and Conferences at Mountain Lake, MN Restoration House and Renovation of a nine acre property given to the ministry last year. Dave strongly believes the ministry is to be International in scope and led his first expedition to Israel this Spring. He sees the concepts of truth, deliverance, healing and breaking generational curses as critical to setting people free.


Board Members

Dave Johnson
David Johnson
Founder & Chaplain
God spoke to me while hugging the mother of a 19 year old guy who had died of an overdose, whom I had helped get into a program. When I felt the depth of despair this mother was experiencing, God told me that he wanted me to come alongside other people who were outside of his will. That was the word that launched Lost Sheep Ministries MN.
We became a 501 (c)(3), a Non Profit Organization, that would come alongside the lost and broken-hearted. We would enter into a conversation where God directed us to ask the question…Are you interested in a better life? If they said yes, we would find out what they were willing to do to start that process. Then we would facilitate the process and provide transportation to ensure it happens.
We’ve helped many people get into detox, mental health crisis units, pysch wards and recovery programs. We suggest Christian based programs because Jesus came to set the captives free.
Marjorie Cole
Marjorie Cole

Marjorie Cole, M.S. founder of Life Recovery, Inc. is the President of Lost Sheep Ministries, Intl. she had worked in the field of biblical counseling and addiction recovery for over thirty years, in both inpatient and out patient treatment programs, including 25 years of individual counseling with Life Recovery, Inc. She is a regional and international speaker and has led a team of counselors who worked with inmates, teaching classes on Spiritual Warfare and recovery.

Marjorie has authored numerous books, audios and teaching materials on healing, recovery, generational curses, and spiritual warfare, including “Cravings”, “A Case for Healing”, “A Case for Justice”, “Doing Relationships God’s Way,” “Setting Captives Free,” “The Combat Manual,” and a “Case for Righteousness”. She has also produced a 28 episode Audio Drama called, “God on Trial” along with several other documentaries and dozens of audio and YouTube videos..

She continues to manage Life Recovery Counseling services, seminars, and retreats as well as the Setting Captives Free Intensives. She has served as the President of Lost Sheep since its inception.


Jarrol Cole
Jarrol Cole
Jarrol Cole has served as a pastor for over fifty years. He has traveled and taught abroad partnering with other outreach ministries in Romania; Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, Keyna and Benin in Africa; including numerous crusades in India. He is part of the Heart of the Father Ministries and worked with Streel Level Ministries for over ten years.
He currently pastors True Light Church and has been with Lost Sheep Ministries since its beginning in 2016. He, along with Marjorie Cole host a weekly pod cast called “Rescue Radio” to address the critical issues of living out the Christian faith.
He currently serves as the Secretary of the LSMI Board and oversees the grounds and development of the Restoration House in Mountain Lake, Minnesota. His prophetic giftings and oversight have brought direction and insight to the work done in the Setting Captives Free Intensives. His pastoral heart provides stability and encouragement to many who are coming out of the devastation of drugs and the destruction of the war being fought for their souls.
John Schmid
John Schmid

John Schmid is a missionary with World Indigenous Missions with his wife Patty since 1998. He has spent the better part of 20 year ministering in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He is working with Healing Rooms Ministries in two locations in the Twin City area. He is the current treasurer for Lost Sheep Ministries Intl doing accounting and payroll for the ministry plus prays for those suffering with addiction at the Healing Rooms and other events.

Colin Akehurst
Board Member
Colin Akehurst has a passion and vision for unity in the Body of Christ, with a strong emphasis on evangelism and discipleship. After being miraculously delivered from many years of drug addiction, he has a heart for the least of the lost, the helpless and the hopeless. He is gifted first as an evangelist, with various facets of a prophetic and apostolic anointing. Through his gifting, he looks for opportunities to lift others up, both corporately through networking, and individually by discipleship. He is willing to go anywhere, anytime, for anyone – for the Lord. Colin, his wife and sons, are called to come alongside established front-line evangelistic ministries, for the purpose of collaboration and Kingdom connection, ministries such as Firebase Movement, Time to Revive, Lost Sheep Ministries, Saturate, as well as recovery circles and international missions teams. Colin is diverse in ethnic, social and spiritual background, and is gifted at crossing congregational, denominational and cultural boundaries. The All Things To All ministry starts at home with prayer and worship intimacy, local outreach, short term missions to various highlighted US cities and states, and to the ends of the earth, with missions expanding to Israel, South Africa, Colombia, Mexico and more. Colin is active in lifestyle evangelism, pastoral care with federal and state prisoners, assisting men in transition and relapse restoration, discipleship, and activating believers into the Great Commission.
Mary Akehurst
Mary Akehurst
Board Member

Mary Akehurst is wife, mother, connector, and a gifted administrator of over 20 years serving the body of Christ.  The consequences of addiction touched her deeply with her uncle’s death (in 2001). From 2003-2015, she worked at Metro Hope Recovery Ministries. She and her husband Colin come alongside front-line evangelism ministries locally, nationally, and internationally, as All Things to All, including Lost Sheep Ministries International. Her experience includes coordinating and connecting people and details related to volunteers, events, housing, financial, community partners and team mission trip planning.  She has a passion to lead people to the Lord and disciple women in their Identity in Christ. She stays available for women on their path to recovery, helping them discover the root cause and share the connection of spirit, mind, and body for a new life.

Stephen Chan
Stephen Chan
Board Member
Stephen Chan has been with LSMI since its founding and has joined its board from 2022. He is the director of the Healing Rooms of St. Paul. His passion is evangelism and Christian unity and founded an interdenominational Outreach Ministry at the University of Minnesota campus since 1985. Formerly, he worked as a research scientist at the University of Minnesota and a medical device company.
Annie Chan
Anne Chan
Board Member