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Restoration House

On 11/4/22 the lost Sheep Ministries Intl board voted unanimously accept Howard and Chaska’s Reitz’s gift of the property located in rural Mountain Lake Minnesota. Included on the nine-acre piece are several out buildings and a beautiful, restored Victorian style house, completely furnished and turn-key ready for occupancy. The property was dedicated on Friday, December 9 of 2022.

The house has five separate bedrooms. Each includes its own bath room and temperature control. The attic has been reconfigured to sleep up to ten additional guests, perfect for smaller intensives or conferences. The kitchen is adequate and the dining area large enough to seat 10 to 12 comfortably.  The grounds include over a dozen fruit trees and spaces for gardens and outdoor gatherings. 

The Restoration House was restored not only to be a place of refuge and restoration, but a place where God could comfort His lost sheep and heal them with His love and truth. It is perfect for special gatherings and retreat weekends, but can also serve as a home for those who need temporary shelter from the storms of life, including homelessness, abuse and addictions.   

We currently have a couple living as care takers there and are in the process of bringing our first woman resident to live at the Mansion. We are very excited to be able to offer this home as a drug free environment that can be a blessing of safety and family to those who have been cast out and downtrodden by the Enemy. 

We offer hope and help in strengthening those in their recovery journey to grow and be reestablished in a healthy and holy life-style. We see The Restoration House as phase two, serving as the place of discipleship, solidification and sanctification once the initial phase of deliverance from the trauma and drug addiction has been addressed. Residents are not required to pay a set amount, but to make an offering as their means allow.  

We have enough land to build one or two more three-or four-bedroom houses on the property. To pursue this vision, we must have the financial support of a greater community of believers who are willing to underwrite the costs of upkeep and expansion. God is our director and He is the One who goes before us. Our money is His money. Our investment in His work at the level of prayer and financial giving is part of our reasonable service in the work of the Good Shepherd. 

Thank you for praying and considering how you might participate in this ingathering and restoration of the Lord’s Lost Sheep.